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Improve your Strategy to Grow your Instagram

Instagram is probably the most important online place to build an audience in 2022. Whether you’re managing a small business, showcasing your creations or trying to become a social media influencer: you need a strong follower base in order to expand your activity and sales.

Investing in targeted advertisement is the common route if you have a big budget to spend. If you’re on a small budget, following targeted users to attract them to your Instagram profile is a great alternative.

Unfortunately, finding and following users one by one is time-consuming and will drive you crazy. Don’t waste your time, our Instagram Auto Follower will grow your audience automatically and organically for you.

Why use an auto-follow bot?

Stand out on Instagram cheap

Stand out in the crowd

Instagram is a crowded place. It’s full of accounts with big follower bases and it can be very hard to become visible. Auto-follow will make people aware that you exist.

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Gain IG Followers

Once you’ve caught the attention of someone on Instagram, they might follow you back. Some will, some won't. A percentage of them will have followed you back, that’s all we want!

Spend less time and money on Instagram

Spend less time on Instagram

Nobody wants to spend hours following people manually in order to catch their attention. This task can be automated and has the same effect: gaining more followers.

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Auto follow Instagram accounts in your niche

Are you familiar with the rule of reciprocity? When someone follows you, you might wonder “Who’s that?” and check this person’s profile. If you like what you see, you might follow-back this person, it’s that simple. You might know this strategy and if you’ve tried to do it manually, you know how painful this is.

This is why Instagram auto follower comes in handy and is the best way to grow your Instagram cheaply. It automatically does this follow task for you and makes you gain real Insta followers, everyday.

Auto-follow will behave according to the targeting settings you’ve chosen. You can attract the followers of your competitors, attract people using niche hashtags and attract people that are in your neighborhood (or any specific places in the world).

You can also use Auto-Unfollow in order to clean up your following list. It will automatically unfollow people who haven’t followed you back.

How to auto follow on Instagram

  1. Download the Suparise app
  2. Install the app & create a free Suparise account
  3. Connect your Instagram account
  4. Edit your targeting to let the bot know who to attract
  5. Turn on Instagram Auto-Follow
  6. Watch your Instagram grow. It’s on auto-pilot.

Grow your Instagram audience in an easy and affordable way

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Grow your Instagram with the rule of reciprocity. Our bot works 24/7 to automatically bring followers and future clients to your profile.

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Our Instagram bot targets relevant users, who are likely to follow you back. Attract your competitors’ followers, people using hashtags in your niche or people in specific locations.

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Monitor how many new IG followers you gain. Check what the bot has been doing. Analyze and improve your strategy over time to get the best out of our free Instagram bot.

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