Suparise helps you get more Instagram followers. How does it work?

Our Instagram automation bot targets and interacts with relevant people by following them and liking their posts. They'll receive notifications, get curious, visit your profile and follow you. 100% organic Instagram growth.

You get Instagram followers everyday doing nothing!

How does Suparise Instagram Automtion Bot work?
A few steps to install A few steps to install

Target the followers
of similar accounts

Identify a few accounts similar to yours. Our software will target their followers. They can be your direct competitors or accounts with the same kind of content and audience.

Target the followers of similar accounts

Target people using
specific hashtags

Identify a few relevant hashtags for your content and audience. Our software will browse recent posts and target users using those hashtags.

Target people using specific hashtags

How does attraction work?
With the Rule of Reciprocity

When our Instagram automation bot follows someone or likes their posts, they'll get notifications from you and might visit your profile. Haven’t you ever checked out a stranger’s profile because they followed you? Suparise relies on this natural human curiosity to grow your account organically.

The Rule Of Reciprocity

Simple Instagram Growth Automation

A light set of features and settings that won't make you feel overwhelmed.

Target & Attract Instagram users who use specific hashtags


Target hashtags in your sector or niche to attract relevant Instagram users.

Target & Attract the followers of Instagram competitors


Target the followers of accounts with similar content and audience.

Monitor the activity of the Instagram automation bot


See what the software is doing in real-time on the Activity page.

Monitor your automatic growth on Instagram


See how many new followers you gain each day on the Growth Graph.

Automatically Follow users Instagram


Automatically follow relevant users. A follow from you will make people curious.

Automatically Like posts Instagram


Automatically like posts from relevant users. Combine Follow and Likes for a better growth.

Automatically Unfollow users Instagram


Unfollow people who haven’t followed you back after a few days to clear your following.

Undetectable Instagram Automation Software Bot

Mass story viewing

or "Mass Looking" — Automatically watch stories to attract authors to your profile.

Suparise simulates natural human behaviour and isn't detected by Instagram.
It runs from your computer and IP — no need to buy proxies!

Suparise is an Instagram automation bot that works on auto-pilot all day
Suparise is an Instagram automation bot that works on auto-pilot all day
Sit back & relax

The app works on its own throughout the day

Once you’ve defined your targeting, you can let the application run in the background everyday. The bot will automatically start & pause throughout the day, and go to sleep once it's done enough for the day.

Every day, new people will discover your content and follow you
Every day, new people will discover your content and follow you
Steady organic growth

You get Instagram
followers day afer day

Have a look at your growth chart to see how your Instagram growth is doing. You can improve your targeting anytime by changing hashtags, usernames and location. Feel free to contact us if you need targeting guidance.

Ready for a fast & simple Instagram growth?

Try Suparise for free for 7 days. If ever you have any questions before getting started, feel free to contact us.
A member from our team will assist you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many followers will I get?

    On average, our clients gain between 200 and 1000+ followers a month using Suparise.

  • Is it safe to use Suparise?

    Yes, your instagram account is safe with Suparise.

    Suparise is a turnkey service, settings are stripped-down so that you can’t input settings that would be harmful for your Instagram account, as opposed to other services that let you decide on activity amounts and periodicity. Suparise's settings are optimized for a safe and efficient automated growth.

    Your account cannot get banned using Suparise. The worst thing that can happen is a 24h action block, which is an automatic Instagram block when it feels there's been a lot of activity on the account. This will prevent you (and the software) to do a specific type of activity on your account, such as: follow or like. Once the action block is lifted, things go back to normal and the bot can continue working. Action blocks also happen without automation.

  • Are the followers I am gaining real?

    Absolutely. Using targeting, automation and AI, our platform drives real traffic to your Instagram profile. This leads to new likes, new followers and new comments from real Instagram users who care about what you post on your account. They’re the ones who decide to follow you if they’re interested.

  • How long does it take to see results?

    Once you’ve added your targeting, our Instagram bot will start working within one hour. You'll see the first results when targeted users visit your profile (and like some of your posts or follow you). This can happen within a few hours but it's better to wait for 24h.

    Remember to leave your app running on your computer. If the app isn't launched, there won't be any automation.

  • Can I automate multiple Instagram accounts with my subscription?

    Suparise is a single-account automation tool. If you want to automate multiple accounts, you will need a different subscription and a different computer for each account.

    There's a discount for additional accounts ($9.5/month), please contact us.

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