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Growth Features

Grow your Instagram audience with the power of automated attention-catching

Suparise helps you get noticed on Instagram by following accounts, liking posts and watching stories — automatically. Targeted users will see you in their notifications, check your account and follow you. This is the fastest and most affordable strategy to get new real & relevant followers everyday.

Grow your Instagram audience with the follow-unfollow method
Auto follow Instagram app free

Auto Follow

Automatically follow users on Instagram to get their attention. Suparise’s smart filters will only target & attract relevant users with the highest likelihood of following you back.

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Auto like Instagram app free

Auto Like

When our software visits the profile of a targeted user in your niche, it will like a few relevant posts from them. This will increase the attention you get and the likelihood of a follow-back.

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Mass story viewer Instagram app free

Auto Story Viewer

Everybody wonders who's viewed their stories. Suparise automatically watch stories from users in your niche, everyday. Maximize your reach and get pertinent follows consistently over time.

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Unfollow Feature

Keep a clean Instagram feed. Unfollow users who didn’t
follow you back.

We won’t unfollow users you were following before joining.
Auto unfollow app Instagram free

Auto Unfollow

The follow-unfollow method is the best way to grow any Instagram account. Keep your Instagram following list to a manageable size and unfollow users that didn’t follow you back after a few days.

Get noticed on Instagram while saving time & energy

Suparise will make you pop in the notifications of targeted users in your niche.
Have more time to do things you enjoy. We’ll do the boring work for you — automatically & organically.

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Target & attract
relevant Instagram users

You’ll simply need to identify a few competitor usernames and locations that are relevant to your niche. Then, our software will be working on its own everyday — automatically targeting real users that can be interested in your content and the most likely to follow you.

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attract followers of my competitors on Instagram

Followers of your competitors

One of the most powerful ways to grow your audience is to attract the followers of accounts that have similar content. Suparise helps you to grow in your niche by targeting the followers of these accounts.

Attract people using hashtags free

Hashtag targeting

Another powerful way to build a strong Instagram follower base is to target relevant users who’ve recently interacted with good hashtags in your niche (posted, liked a post or commented on a post).

Find people around me Instagram

Followers by location

Target Instagram users based on their location or travel habits with Suparise. A great feature for local businesses and creators who want to get the attention of relevant people in specific areas of the world.

Block interactions with users Instagram free

Prevent interactions with specific accounts

You might want to prevent interactions with specific users on Instagram. That’s why we have a Block List feature. Simply add the usernames you never want to interact with and our software will skip them if it crosses their path while automating.

Watch your Instagram grow

Let Suparise do all the growing for you. Get more Insta followers over time.

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Monitor how many new followers you gain. See what our bot is doing in real time.

Even if Suparise works on its own everyday, you can check what’s going on and modify your settings anytime you want. Check your Dashboard to see how many new followers you’ve gained. Check the Activity page to see the latest actions the bot did.

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track how many followers I gain on instagram free

Track Instagram Growth

Check your Growth Graph on your account dashboard to see how many new followers you gain day after day.

track Instagram recent activity free

Track Automation Activity

Check the Activity page to see all recent & past actions done by the bot. What, who, when.

Proxy Support

Run each Instagram account with its own HTTP proxy for increased privacy and security.

Automate multiple accounts on Instagram free trial

Proxy support for multi-account

If you want to automate a single Instagram account: you can use your regular computer IP address, without any Proxy. If you want to automate more than 1 account from the same computer, you’ll need to buy quality Proxies and set them up in Suparise.

5-minute install,
Cross-platform Instagram growth

Grow your Instagram automatically on Windows, macOS & Linux.

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