Suparise: A great alternative to Ingramer

Looking for an Instagram automation software similar to Ingramer? Suparise makes for a great alternative with lower pricing & quality functionalities.

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Attract your target audience to your profile. Get more real followers, likes, comments and leads.

We target and attract the right audience

Our Instagram automation software engages with real and relevant users that will genuinely care about your content.

Gain time

Growing an Instagram requires time, energy and money. Suparise is a great and affordable way to grow your audience doing next to nothing.

Easy & Effective

The setup process will take you less than 10 minutes. Then, let the bot work on its own and gain up to +1000 followers a month.

Suparise - A bot that grows your Instagram following | Product Hunt Suparise - A bot that grows your Instagram following | Product Hunt

Organic Instagram Growth Features

Suparise has all the features you’ll need to grow your Instagram account automatically and organically. Get more real followers, likes, comments, traffic & new potential clients.

Target & Attract Instagram users who use specific hashtags

Target with hashtags

Identify your competitors and enter their usernames in our interface. The software will target their followers.

Target & Attract the followers of Instagram competitors

Target with usernames

Pick a few relevant hashtags in your sector and enter them in your settings. The software will target relevant people using or liking these hashtags

Monitor the activity of the Instagram automation bot


Check what the bot is doing on the Activity page.

Monitor your automatic growth on Instagram

Growth graph

Check your growth graph to see how the organic growth is doing.

Automatically Follow users Instagram


Follow real and relevant Instagram users automatically. Curiosity will bring them to your profile!

Automatically Like posts Instagram


Like Instagram posts from real and relevant users. Curiosity will bring them to your profile! (Get better results when combined with Auto-Follow)

Automatically Unfollow users Instagram


Unfollow people who haven’t followed you back after a few days. Clear the clutter.

Undetectable Instagram Automation Software Bot

Undetected by Instagram

Our automation software simulates natural human behaviour. Suparise isn’t detected by Instagram.

A short setup. Hassle-free.

Setting up your Suparise account is really fast. A few settings to enter, and then you can sit back and relax.



Install, create an account and connect your Instagram to our software.


Define your targeting

Define your targeting with a few hashtags and usernames.


Relax and enjoy

Our software will be growing your Instagram organically on its own, day after day.

A simple and affordable solution that will help your activity.

Are you looking for a simple software that does all the hard work for you? Suparise is a great way to grow your audience without spending too much time and money on Instagram.

Easy Instagram Automation Software

Suparise is a great alternative to Ingramer.


No need to be a marketing expert or an Instagram genius. Our software has stripped-down settings that don't require any specific knowledge apart from social network lingo (such as "Hashtag", "Username", "Like", "Follow", "Unfollow").

A macOS and Windows service

Suparise is available on macOS and Windows and runs on your computer with your home IP address. Suparise doesn't use any proxies, everything runs from your computer. Suparise is an Apple verified and trusted application that won't require a Gatekeeper unlocking.

Download the app and get started

Safe password storage

We don't store your Instagram password on our servers. Your Instagram password is only stored on your hard drive.

Caring builders & customer support

If ever you have any questions or need our team to check your Instagram profile before getting started, feel free to contact us, we'll gladly help and give our recommendations!

$19/month only!

Suparise has a single plan with all features included. No credit card is required for the trial. Monthly subscription. Cancel anytime no questions asked.

Suparise is a reliable & less expensive Ingramer alternative

  • Free 7-day trial
  • No credit card needed
  • Cancel anytime