Suparise: An alternative to Social Sensei

Suparise is a powerful Social Sensei alternative. Our software grows your Instagram audience organically and automatically. Get more real Instagram followers, likes, comments and new potential clients.

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Grow your Instagram with real & relevant followers.

Social Sensei has expensive packages that not many can afford. We target & attract relevant users to grow your Instagram audience for a much more affordable price. Get more real followers, likes, comments and leads.

Attract your target audience

Our software engages with real and relevant Instam users that will genuinely like your content. Enter a few hashtags and usernames so the software knows who your target audience is.

Gain time

Growing an Instagram account is difficult. It requires time, knowledge and money to spend on ads. Suparise is a great way to grow your audience without spending too much time and money on Instagram.

Quick setup, long-term growth

After a quick install & setup process, our Instagram automation bot will grow your account every day. Gain up to +1000 followers a month doing nothing.

Suparise - A bot that grows your Instagram following | Product Hunt Suparise - A bot that grows your Instagram following | Product Hunt

Suparise features

Our software is designed for everyone (beginners to advanced). Suparise has all the features you’ll need to grow your Instagram account fastly and efficiently.

Target & Attract Instagram users who use specific hashtags

Hashtag targeting

Target hashtags in your sector or niche to attract relevant Instagram users.

Target & Attract the followers of Instagram competitors

Username targeting

Target the followers of accounts with similar content and audience.

Monitor the activity of the Instagram automation bot

Activity tracking

See what the software is doing in real-time on the Activity page.

Monitor your automatic growth on Instagram

Instagram Growth Tracking

See how many new followers you gain each day on the Growth Graph.

Automatically Follow users Instagram

Automatic Follow

Automatically follow relevant Instagram users. A follow from you will make people curious.

Automatically Like posts Instagram

Automatic Like

Automatically like Instagram posts from relevant users. Combine Follow and Likes for a better growth.

Automatically Unfollow users Instagram

Automatic Unfollow

Unfollow people who haven’t followed you back after a few days to clear your following.

Undetectable Instagram Automation Software Bot


Simulated natural human behaviour. Suparise isn’t detected by Instagram.

Easy to set up

It will only take a few minutes of your time to start growing your account organically.


Download the app

Download the app, create a Suparise account and connect your Instagram.


Choose targeting

Define your targeting with hashtags and usernames so that we can attract relevant users.


Sit back & relax

Your bot will start working. Leave the app running on your computer and watch the growth.

Why use Suparise?

If you're looking for a Social Sensei alternative, you might want something less costly. Suparise has a single plan with all features included. No credit card required for the trial, subscription is billed monthly and can be cancelled anytime.

Easy Instagram Automation Software

Suparise is the best Social Sensei alternative.

Suparise is a hands-off service built for a safe and efficient organic Instagram growth. We've stripped down the settings of the application so that you can’t harm your Instagram account with bad settings.

Our competitors like Social Sensei provide tools that require experience and carefulness. Why would you spend a bunch of time only to understand how to automate properly?

Automatically Follow users Instagram

No learning curve

You won't need to spend a lot of time on our application to understand how it works. Once you've installed the application on Windows or macOS, created an account and connected your Instagram account to our engine: you'll just have to enter your targeting with Usernames and Hashtags. Then, simply sit back & relax! The bot will work everyday and grow your account safely and efficiently.

Automatically Follow users Instagram


Our software can be installed on macOS and Windows. Suparise doesn't use any proxies, everything runs from your computer and your computer's IP address. Suparise is an Apple verified and trusted application that won't require a Gatekeeper unlocking.

Download the app to start growing organically
Automatically Follow users Instagram

Safe password (local encrypted storage)

Your password is stored encrypted on your computer only, it stays there. It's better for the safety of your Instagram account, and it will put your mind at ease.

Automatically Follow users Instagram

Our team is here to help

If ever you have any issues, questions or need our team to check your account before trying Suparise, we'll gladly help and give our recommendations. Feel free to contact us.

$19/month, less expensive than Nitreo!

Suparise has a single plan with all features included. No credit card required for the trial, subscription is billed monthly and can be cancelled anytime.

A reliable & affordable Social Sensei alternative

  • Real & Organic growth
  • No credit card
  • Cancel anytime you want