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Auto-liking is the best way to get noticed by people in your niche. Increase your visibility on Instagram with Suparise — Get new followers quickly, continuously and organically.

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Improve Your Instagram Growth Strategy with Suparise

Did you know that Instagram recently surpassed 2 billion monthly active users worldwide? A large majority of users follow business Instagram profiles. For any business of any size, Instagram is an essential place for efficient marketing and communication. You can expand your audience, engage with followers, get more leads and boost sales outside the platform.

But you may have noticed, this social network has become so crowded that it’s very hard to be visible without spending loads of money in advertisement. Automating likes is a powerful and affordable way to grow your follower base steadily. It also enables you to save a lot of time and energy.

Why use an auto-like bot?

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Get more visibility

Be more visible on Instagram. Our bot will make you pop in many users’ notification page 24/7 on auto-pilot. You’ll be reaching hundreds of new people everyday.

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More Engagement & Followers

Get more reach & engagement thanks to our smart targeting. After a 5-minute setup where you define your niche, our bot will only target relevant users who will be interested in your content.

Spend less time on Instagram

Save time & energy

Our bot requires a few minutes of your attention at the beginning. After that, it will be working on its own day after day, you won’t have anything to do but posting.

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Liking posts is a great way to catch the attention of Instagram users. You get noticed quickly as you appear in their Notifications and might get new followers if they check out your profile. Don’t you sometimes check profiles of users who liked your posts, followed you or viewed your stories? Everybody does it! Humans get curious.

Although, finding relevant users and liking their posts manually is exhausting and time-consuming. With Suparise Auto-like, you can automatically target relevant users and like their posts to attract them to your Instagram profile. You want to attract your competitors’ followers? Enter a few competitor usernames, and our bot will interact with their followers. You can also attract people that use specific hashtags or are in specific areas of the world (using Hashtag targeting & Location Targeting).

Combine Auto-Like with Auto-Follow and Auto Story viewer in order to get the best out of our automatic & organic Instagram growth application.

How to auto like posts
on Instagram

  1. Download & install the Suparise app on Windows, macOS or Linux
  2. Create a free account
  3. Connect your Instagram to Suparise
  4. Enter your targeting settings so that Suparise knows who to attract
  5. Turn on the auto-like service
  6. Sit back & relax. Watch your Instagram grow everyday

A simple & powerful set of features to grow your Instagram audience

Suparise is built for anyone looking for an easy & affordable way to grow their Instagram profile.

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Growth Features

Grow your Instagram audience with the power of automated attention-catching. Our bot works on auto-pilot 24/7 to bring potential followers and clients to your profile.

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Targeting Features

Drain your competitors’ follower base, attract people who are using specific hashtags or living in specific areas of the world. Our bot only targets relevant users, who are likely to follow you back.

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Tracking Features

Monitor how many new followers you gain everyday. See what our bot is doing in real time. Improve your strategy over time to get the best out of the best free Instagram growth bot.

Get noticed on Instagram while saving time & energy

Suparise will make you pop in the notifications of targeted users in your niche.
Have more time to do things you enjoy. We’ll do the boring work for you — automatically & organically.

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Available on Windows, macOS & Linux.

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