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Learn how to automatically mass view Instagram stories in order to catch the attention of their authors. One of the best ways to gain new organic IG followers automatically.

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Automate your Instagram profile to expand your follower base

Instagram has seen an incredible rise to 2 billion users over 12 years, making it one of the most important places for marketing online. Imagine, that’s more than a quarter of the world’s population! While it’s great to have a huge pool of potential new clients, the platform is saturated and you might be wondering: how to become visible on Instagram?

A great way to expand your audience and your follower base is by appearing into people’s story viewers list. All you have to do is watch stories all day, and people will come visit your profile after checking this list.

Auto Story viewer will automatically watch stories for you and help you get noticed by your target audience.

Why use an automatic story viewer?

Stand out on Instagram cheap

Catch attention

Many people check who has watched their stories. You’ll show up on a bunch of viewer lists and get frequent visits to your profile and your link in bio.

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Grow your audience

Get more reach & engagement thanks to our smart targeting. After a 5-minute setup where you define your niche, our bot will only target relevant users who will be interested in your content.

Spend less time and money on Instagram

Save money & time

The app watches stories automatically while you’re doing something else — probably more interesting. Save money on ads, you now have a less intrusive and less costly way of getting visits to your profile.

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The Best Instagram Mass Story Viewer: Watch thousands of stories every day on autopilot

Watching Instagram stories is one of the most effective methods to grow your audience. Suparise’s targeting features lets you define your target audience with a few competitor usernames, hashtags and locations. Once set up, this bot will automatically find potential followers and attract them to your profile by watching their stories. It’s very similar to the follow unfollow method, except it’s much less restricted! You can watch a bunch of stories to consistently help your activity grow.

How to get an even more effective growth on Instagram: turn on all the other services inside Suparise. Auto-like, auto-follow and auto-unfollow. Our simple set of features gives every beginner to intermediate marketer, or business owner, everything they need to boost their IG on the long run.

How to auto watch stories on Instagram

  1. Download Suparise and create a free account
  2. Plug your Instagram profile to Suparise
  3. Define your target audience with usernames, hashtags & locations
  4. Turn on the Story Watcher on your Dashboard
  5. Sit back and relax, the bot is now on auto-pilot
  6. Get a list of actions the bot has recently done on the Activity page

Suparise helps businesses and creators to grow on Instagram

Auto Story Viewer isn’t the only tool we have. Suparise has a complete toolbox giving you everything you need to put your Instagram growth on auto-pilot.

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We automatically attract Instagram users by interacting with them: likes, follows & story views. They'll check out your profile, follow you and visit your bio link.

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We automatically target relevant users: the followers of accounts similar to yours, people using specific hashtags and living in specific areas of the world.

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We provide monitoring tools so that you can check your growth and what the bot has been doing recently. You can sit back & relax.

Focus on things that can’t be automated. Automate what can be.

Let us do the boring tasks — automatically & organically.

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An app for beginners & intermediates

You won't need a degree in Instagram automation.

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