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  • 50% recurring commission
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How does Suparise Instagram Automtion Bot work?

Anyone can be an affiliate partner and start earning commissions right away!

A quick overview of our program

50% recurring commission

50% recurring commission

Personal dashboard

Personal dashboard

Monthly payouts

Unlimited conversion window

Live tracking

Live tracking

New commission emails

New commission emails

Easy setup

5-minute setup + Media Kit

How does it work?

To start earning recurring revenue as an affiliate, all you have to do is join our affiliate program and use your affiliate link to promote Suparise.

Automatically Follow users Instagram

A simple & efficient Instagram growth software

We help businesses and creators grow their Instagram audience automatically and organically. We target & attract relevant people to their profile so that they get more followers, likes, comments, traffic and leads doing next to nothing.

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Automatically Follow users Instagram

High recurring earning potential

You’ll earn a 50% commission every month that your referred customer stays with us. That means if you refer 20 customers who pay $19/month, you’ll earn $190 every month! No limits on earnings. Check our commission examples lower on the page.

Automatically Follow users Instagram

Everyone you refer is tied to you forever

People who click your link (and/or use your discount code) download and install our software. Whether the customer you refer subscribes right away, a few weeks later or pauses their subscription for months: you will be getting 50% on any monthly subscription payment they make.

2 tracking options

(can be combined)

Easy setup
50 % commission

Affiliate link & IP tracking

When someone clicks your affiliate link and downloads the app from our website, their account is linked to you forever.

Format: https// You can customize it.

Easy setup
50 % commission

Individual discount code

Give out a coupon code. Every time someone uses it, their account is linked to you forever.

We'll generate a specific code for your needs and audience. Please contact us.

Potential earnings

Monthly earnings Yearly earnings
1 customer $ 9.5 $ 114
5 customers $ 47.5 $ 570
20 customers $ 190 $ 2280
50 customers $ 475 $ 5700
100 customers $ 950 $ 11400
200 customers $ 1900 $ 22800

The displayed figures reflect the highest possible payout, using the affiliate link tracking. Discount code tracking will affect these amounts. PayPal fees may slightly reduce the indicated amount.

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Our affiliate program is setup with Rewardful & Stripe.

Your personal dashboard

Manage your link, check its performance live, see how much you’re earning in commissions. (Desktop & mobile).

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Suparise Affiliate Kit

We’ve been told Suparise looks great and all of the information you need is on our website. We’re an easy sell! But we've also created an Affiliate Kit to help you promote Suparise with marketing assets.

Download the kit

Rules Outline

A few rules about the Suparise Affiliate program. No tricks here, just conditions you should know about beforehand.

Payouts schedule. Suparise customers have a 30-day window to request a refund. In order to give enough time to the customer to request a refund, and to our team to process the refund requests, the commissions are payable 45 days after the payment made by a customer.

Minimum balance. The minimum balance for payouts is $25.

Paypal payouts. Payouts are made through PayPal only.

Payout invoices. We will need you to issue an invoice along with each payout request.

See the full Affiliate Program Terms

Questions? Need help?

If you have any questions about our software, affiliate program, or marketing collateral needs, our team will be happy to help! Feel free to contact us.

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