Whether you're interested in social media marketing or just trying to find helpful tips to grow your Instagram account, you're in the right place. The Suparise team is full of passionate people who want to share their knowledge and build an efficient, simple, affordable and reliable application to grow an Instagram account.

Apart from the occasional posts about Suparise (updates, special promotions and so on), this blog will mainly be about Instagram marketing: advices, tips, tricks, trends, technical stuff, .. Everything Instagram-related that you might need at some point during your Instagram growth journey.

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What is Suparise?

Suparise is an Instagram growth automation software that helps you grow your Instagram audience automatically and organically. We target & attract relevant people to your profile according to a few settings you enter in our app. Get more followers, likes, comments, engagement and leads doing next to nothing.

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We built Suparise for those who need an easy, affordable, safe and efficient way to automate Instagram growth without much knowledge. Whether you’re a business owner or a creative, using Suparise will help your activity grow. By getting many targeted visits to your profile, you’ll get not only followers and engagement but also visits outside of Instagram.

Growing an Instagram account requires time, experience and money (ads and tools quickly get expensive if you're not a big company). Suparise is a great way to grow your audience without spending too much time and money on Instagram.

10-minute to start growing your Instagram audience and get more followers

  1. Download the app on Windows, macOS or Linux
  2. Install the app
  3. Create a Suparise account
  4. Define your targeting (competitors, hashtags & locations)
  5. Sit back & relax

Target and attract people following specific accounts β€” your competitors for instance

Find a few accounts similar to yours. Our software will target their followers. They can be your direct competitors or accounts with the same kind of content and audience.

Attract relevant users to your Instagram Profile

Target and attract people using specific hashtags

Find a few relevant hashtags for your content and audience. Our Instagram bot will look for recent posts and interact with relevant users using those hashtags.

Attract relevant users to your Instagram Profile

How does it work?

Our software relies fully on human curiosity to grow your account organically. Let us tell you more about that. When our software follows someone or likes their posts, they'll receive notifications from you in their app and might check out your profile.

See our infographic below:


Our features

You won't feel overwhelmed using our app. A light kit to grow your Instagram efficiently without hassle.

  • Hashtag targeting β€” target & attract people using hashtags
  • Username targeting β€” drain the followers of specific accounts
  • Growth tracking β€” see how your account is growing
  • Activity tracking β€” see what our software is doing
  • Auto-Follow
  • Auto-Like
  • Auto-Unfollow
  • Mass Story Viewer or Mass Looking

Our application simulates natural human behaviour and isn't detected by Instagram.

Grow your Instagram.
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